About The Artists Art Fair

Welcome to The Artists Art Fair

We are a new art fair that brings artists in direct contact with the audience, opening up new possibilities for both to experience and exchange art in entirely novel ways.

The Artists Art Fair is dedicated to the celebration and promotion of the most exciting contemporary art that art lovers can discover and acquire straight from its source: the artists themselves.

Launched in response to the need for a more modern type of art fair, TAAF offers active support to the artists and innovative ways of delivering contemporary art to the audience. Unique in its positioning, The Artists Art Fair disrupts the traditional gallery fair model and is the only artist fair in Greece.

Mirroring this shift in the art market and capturing the spirit of the time, our visionary art fair model pushes the boundaries forward and redefines the experience of buying and selling artworks by making it easier, more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone.

For art lovers, TAAF provides direct access to the art world and the unique opportunity to meet the artists in person, learn about their work & acquire it directly from the creators themselves in an accessible, friendly and relaxed environment.

For artists, TAAF offers a new exhibition platform that supports their creative & professional success and allows them to directly engage with art enthusiasts and create meaningful relationships with the audience, in a welcoming, interactive environment

Artist Applications are Now Open.

If you want to be considered for participation at the 1st Artists Art Fair please visit our . There is an early bird 15% discount if you apply before 1 September 2019.

The Artists Art Fair has a deep passion for culture, innovation, and spectacle. Set on the background of the exploding cultural scene of Athens, the birthplace of culture and new ideas, TAAF promises to deliver an unforgettable artistic experience for all and bring art back to the people, where it truly belongs.

We will be with you with more info September onwards – in the meantime, for collaboration, press & general queries, you can contact us at .

Join us now to become part of the new era of contemporary art in Greece.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first Athens edition
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